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Full and Partial Dentures in Canoga Park

Dentures are used to replace missing teeth. Most types of dentures can be removed and placed back into your mouth, but some can be supported by dental implants. We offer two types of dentures: partial and full dentures.

Partial Dentures Canoga Park

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Partial dentures are used when only some teeth are missing. A metal framework is used to attach the replacement tooth or teeth to your other teeth. Our Canoga Park partial dentures expert can perform a dental exam to ensure that you are a candidate for partial dentures.

Full Dentures Canoga Park

Our Canoga Park full dentures expert can use full dentures to replace all the teeth in one or both arches. Some types of full dentures can be placed as soon as any remaining teeth are removed while others are placed after the gum tissues have healed.

Full dentures have an acrylic base that covers the gums, and the replacement teeth are attached to this base. Dental impressions and other measurements may need to be taken to ensure a comfortable fit.

Partial Dentures in Canoga ParkBoth partial and full dentures may require an adjustment period. Our expert in full dentures in Canoga Park may need to adjust your dentures as your gum tissues heal. As your facial muscles adjust, your dentures will become more comfortable and easier to use while eating and speaking. Minor irritation is common, but you will need to contact us if you experience pain or significant discomfort.

Our expert in partial dentures in Canoga Park will provide you with instructions for maintaining your dentures. Cleaning them will remove plaque, bacteria and debris, which can accumulate, irritate your gums and lead to bad breath. Handle your dentures with care, and keep them in water or an appropriate solution when you are not wearing them to prevent them from drying out.

Regular checkups are important to check the fit of your dentures and your overall dental health. Dentures can be long-lasting, but they may need to be relined or rebased over time as your bones and gum tissues change. Contact our Canoga Park dentist today to learn more or to schedule your appointment.

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